A simplified way to

complicate counterfeiting

From manufacturing to point of purchase, Unique SQR enables next-generation tracking and product authentication for your products throughout the entire supply chain. 

Your Products’ Protection, now in the palm of your hand

By utilizing software, scanning devices, and mobile applications, Unique SQR is the solution to keeping your brand secure and protected.

Key Benefits of UNIQUE SQR


Unique SQR generates all QR codes to include a 128-bit random number, making every product distinctive and secure.

The uniqueness of these codes makes them difficult to replicate, and adds an additional layer of security.

product authenticity

Give your customers the confidence that they are purchasing an original product from your brand.   

Once they scan the Unique SQR Code from their mobile device, Unique SQR will confirm their purchase as authentic.

track & trace

By scanning the QR codes at integral points in the manufacturing process, Unique SQR can track your product, and lots or batches can be traced to their destination once shipped.   

All data is saved on your Unique SQR dashboard, and exported to your company’s internal system.


Unique SQR’s customized dashboards allow you to obtain key product information of your choosing.

From your Unique SQR Dashboard you will be able to access several integral systems that will help you keep track of your inventory from production to purchase.